Maintenance service

As every industrial machine, the machines-tool require a maintenance for assuring its proper operation and minimizing the number of failures. The cost to do a periodical maintenance further compensates the cost caused by a lack of it: there will be more mechanical failures, some of which with high cost, with the consequence of more manufacturing stops, so the productivity drops.
As members of JOAL we offer a preventive maintenance plan customized based on any machine-tool you deliver to us:

  • Notification in advance of when the maintenance tasks must take place.
  • We do the required maintenance tasks.
  • During the maintenance work we do a mechanical analysis of the machine interior evaluating machine’s most critical zones and carrying out the actions to prevent any future failures.

If only the protections are disassembled, the interior components of the machine are cleaned and every lubrication points are checked once a year, your machine will be at full performance, minimizing the machine stops by mechanical failures.