Repair of machine tools REPARACIÓ DE MÁQUINES JOAL was founded in 1980, thanks to the long experience in maintenance and repairing of machines-tool from Josep Garcia Solé.

Repair of machine tools

REPARACIÓ DE MÀQUINES JOAL it is a dynamic and professional company which is able to carry out tasks of repairing, maintenance, and reconstruction of machines-tool as well as selling spare parts and offering a mechanical design service.

We are experts in machine-tool repairs as lathes, milling machines, drills and machining centers. Our technical team is capable of solve any mechanical failure thanks to our years of experience and to our wide variety of tools we carry with us.

The main differentiation from our rivals in the industrial sector is not only repairing successfully the broken machine, but also doing a mechanical analysis with the aim of finding the root cause and we carry out the required actions in order to avoid a future reparation by the same cause.

One of the differential characteristics of our company is using a movable workshop full equipped, which is guaranteed by highly qualified technical workers, in order to solve any mechanical failure.


Repair of machine tools JOAL