Repair of machine tools JOAL

Repair of machine tools

 Repair of machine tools

REPARACIÓ DE MÁQUINES JOAL was founded in 1980, thanks to the long experience in maintenance and repairing of machines-tool from Josep Garcia solé.

For more than 30 years of acquiring knowledge in repairing and carrying out maintenance tasks as a worker, the company’s founder learned everything related to the industrial sector. All this experience and professionality was transmitted through the years to his workers.

One of the differential characteristics of our company is using a movable workshop full equipped, which is guaranteed by highly qualified technical workers, in order to solve any mechanical failure.

We have three extensible boxes, which are equipped with electric, pneumatic, and manual tools. The next list shows the wide range of tools we have:

  • Heavy tools, spirit level and dial gauge.
  • Screws: Allen, hexagonal, conical and flat head.
  • Wide range of washers.
  • Numerous components of lubrication and hydraulic systems.
  • Cylindrical, conical and elastic pins, circlips, mb washers, springs, shaft keys, etc.
  • Dynamic and static seals, bearings, visual level, paper for seals, synthetic rubber, etc.
  • Vacuum cleaner.